Facilitating remote patient follow-up

Caaring® is a digital platform for patient follow-up that helps improve the management of disease and the quality of life for affected people.


What is Caaring®?

Caaring® provides a holistic approach for remote management of patient´s evolution:

  • Reducing hospital visits.
  • Optimizing healthcare resources.
  • Enhancing quality of care.

The platform allows for the collection of Real-Life Data about the patient´s daily condition and treatment, improving the management of diseases and the patient´s quality of life.

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What does Caaring® bring us?

Higher healthcare quality

Improve the quality of healthcare process and reduce costs through the optimization of resources.

Patient Management

Empower patients to take over management of their disease with validated content of interest.

Real-Life Clinical evidence

Obtain indicators and evidence about the patient’s progress and the management of diseases.

Patient Follow-up

Follow-up the patient’s condition, better manage their progress, and add value to therapies.

Data Capture

Collect Real-Life Data through PROMs (Quality of Life) and PREMs (Patient experiencie) questionnaires


Accelerate research and generate publications based on Real-World Data.



The Caaring® platform offers a wide variety of features:


Reminders, upcoming program actions, pending activities.

Task views

Different views of the program actions: calendar, lists, history, etc.


Multiple types of questionnaires like PROMs, PREMs, and surveys.

Resources and educational material

Useful patient information in different formats (videos, images, documents, etc).

Health Programs

Tasks and activities that help manage diseases, treatments, and patient monitoring.

Other functions

Healthcare professional profile, multi-language, integrable with multiple information systems, and much more.


Connecting Caaring® with daily clinical practice

Caaring® can function independently or in connection with ClinicaaL®, our EHR solution for managing daily clinical practice. This enables:

Incorporation of real-life patient data into the healthcare process.
Facilitation of physician access to patient information (treatment, questionnaires about quality of life, surveys, activity, etc.).
Analysis of data provided by the patient through statistics, filters, and other available modules.


Connecting Caaring® with Research

Caaring® can be used directly and easily in clinical trials, thanks to the connection with the app for our EDC system, ReseaArch®.

The data used in the clinical trials are separated into a different system that complies with all the guidelines required for clinical research systems.

This connection enables the:

Generation of research based on Real-Life Data

Supplementation of clinical trials with information provided by the patient

Acquisition of Real-Life evidence about the therapies

Our technology and processes are validated and certified


ISO 33000


ISO 27001

Data Protection

DPO Certification


Caaring ® – Powered by Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium is a digital health company, whose technology is used in significant, high-impact clinical projects around the world. Its innovative solutions for the management of real-life data facilitate the management of healthcare processes, clinical research, and remote patient monitoring.

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